Transitional Learning Centre Head


To provide professional vision and leadership for the learning centre which secures its

success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its pupils

and improved standards of learning and achievement.

You are expected to perform such duties in accordance with and subject to

the following:

 Any rules, regulations or policies laid down by MLEYF, MLEYC, EYFIDPS,

(herein referred to as the governing body) under their powers

 Any rules, regulations or policies laid down by the governing body


 Responsible for the internal organization, management, and control of the

learning centre.

 In conducting your duties as the TLC Head, you shall consult, where this is

appropriate, with the authority, the governing body, the staff of the learning

centre, the parents of its pupils, the pupils themselves and the IDP and local


 Your professional duties include:

 Formulating the overall aims and objectives of the learning centre and

policies for their implementation

 Strategic direction and development of the learning centre: leading by

example, providing educational vision and direction to secure the strong

and enthusiastic commitment of staff, parents/guardians, and pupils.

 Leading the selection and appointment of the teaching and non-teaching

staff of the learning centre.

 Ensuring the health and safety of all children, staff, parents/guardians,

and visitors.


 Deploying and managing all teaching and non-teaching staff of the

learning centre and allocating particular duties to them (including such

duties of the TLC Head as may be properly delegated to a deputy head

teacher, assistant head teacher or other member of staff) in a manner

consistent with their conditions of employment, maintaining a reasonable

balance for each teacher for the work conducted in the learning centre  Ensuring that the duty of providing cover for absent teachers is shared

equitably among all teachers in the learning centre (including the TLC

Head), taking account of their teaching and other duties

 Ensuring that teachers at the learning centre receive information they

need to perform their professional duties effectively

 Ensuring that staff are aware of current educational developments and

are kept up to date through an ongoing program of continuous

professional development

 Leading, motivating, supporting, challenging, and developing staff at all

levels in order to secure and sustain continuous improvement and staff

well-being and to be committed to personal continuing professional


 Supporting middle and senior leadership of the learning centre to build

capacity, recognize existing talents and encourage delegation

 Challenging underperformance at all levels and putting in place effective

procedures to deal with underperforming staff

 Providing information, references and testimonials about the work and

performance of staff employed at the learning centre, with due regard to

the principles of equal opportunities, where such information is relevant

to their future employment.


 Determining, organizing, and assisting to implement a broad and

balanced curriculum (FCT UBEB) for the learning centre, having regard

to the needs, experiences, interests, aptitudes, and stage of development

of the pupils and the resources available to the learning centre

 Ensuring that all pupils in attendance at the learning centre take part in

daily activities, academic and otherwise

 Ensuring that improvements in the curriculum are a priority for all

pupils including those with special needs

 Ensuring that all aspects of learning centre performance are monitored

and evaluated in a robust, cyclical manner and maintaining a record of

self-evaluation and areas for improvement, and of progress made in

respect of these.


 Evaluating the standards of teaching and learning in the learning centre

and ensuring that proper standards of professional performance are

established and maintained.


 Supervising and participating in arrangements for the appraisal of the

performance of teachers in the learning centre

 Participating in the identification of areas in which staff would benefit

from further training and undergoing such training

 Ensuring that all staff in the learning centre have access to advice and

training appropriate to their needs, in accordance with the policies of the

maintaining authority and governing body

 Ensuring that newly qualified teachers and those returning to teaching

after a break in service have access to adequate support in their first year

of service or resumed service

 Being responsible for the supervision and training of teachers during

their induction periods in accordance with the requirements of the

governing body, and making a recommendation at the end of such periods

as to whether such teachers have met the requirements


 Ensuring that the progress of pupils of the learning centre is monitored

and recorded

 Ensuring continuing effective systems of planning, assessment, recording

and reporting, using data and benchmarks to monitor attainment and

progress, in every child’s learning

 Using this data continuously to support and improve standards.

 Promoting equality and inclusion in all aspects of the learning centre life

 Ensuring that proper standards of behavior are adhered to

 Ensuring the maintenance of good order and discipline at all times

during the day when pupils are present on the learning centre premises

and whenever the pupils are engaged in authorized learning activities,

whether on the learning centre premises or elsewhere.


 Planning for parents/guardians to be given regular information about the

curriculum, the progress of their children and other matters affecting the

learning centre, so as to promote collective understanding of its aims

 Creating and maintaining an

effective partnership with

parents/guardians to support and improve pupils’ achievement and

personal development

 Collaborating with parents/guardians to ensure children have access to

extended services, extracurricular opportunities that the governing body may make available, homework and other social and educational



o Attending meetings of the governing body and making reports to them in

connection with his/her responsibilities as they may properly require

either on a regular basis or from time to time

o Advising and assisting the governing body in the exercise of their


o Advising the governing body on the adoption of effective procedures to

deal with incompetent teachers, and keeping the governing body

informed of the general operation of such procedures

o Reporting to the governing body on the professional development of all

staff at the learning centre.

o Allocating, controlling, and accounting for those financial and material

resources of the learning centre which are under the control of the TLC


o Planning for the security, maintenance, development, and effective

supervision of the learning centre structures and their contents and of

the premises and ensuring (if so required) that any lack of maintenance

is promptly reported to the maintaining authority, camp administration

or, if appropriate, the governing body.


o Arranging for an interim deputy head teacher or other suitable person to

assume responsibility for the functions of the TLC Head at any time

when you are absent from the learning centre.


 Outstanding organizational and communication skills

 Conversant with Microsoft Office and ability to prepare reports

 Basic knowledge of creating, operating and maintaining a budget

 Commitment to job responsibilities

 Punctuality

 Attention to detail

 Supervisory and leadership skills

University or college degree in Education or other related fields, and at least 2 years’ experience

working in administrative capacity in a school setting