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Most Vulnerable

We advocate for the expansion and improvement of quality early child care and basic primary education

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We advocate for the expansion and improvement of quality early childhood care

We are a non-profit organization that creates accessible quality early childhood development education and basic elementary education for children from low-income backgrounds, rural areas, and Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) camps as well as the children of the host communities.


We are Shaping the future for children

Our Goal

  • A world with zero hunger
  • Free education for children starting from the early years (0-6) and up to 18 years old
  • Equal opportunities in education for all boys and girls
  • Gender equity in all learning spaces
  • Providing safe learning spaces for children of all ages and genders

Our Mandate

To provide basic childcare and Education in Emergencies for displaced children, with a special focus on children from low-income families, rural communities, underserved settlements, and children who have been affected by tragic events.

Our work focuses primarily on children’s education with special emphasis on Education in Emergencies, Educational Advocacy, Community Development, Internally Development Person (IDP) Camps Development and Engagement, Public Advocacy on Sexual based Violence, Policy Formulation on Youths, and Training/Capacity Building for Youths.​

We have functional learning centres with state-of-the-art facilities, and with an active collaboration with the host communities on how to improve the quality of learning programs, we partner with the government to improve the education standards in public schools.​​

Our Reach.

We're making an impact

We envisage a world where children would not lose their education as a result of prevailing humanitarian emergencies.


IDP kids reached

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Meals Provided since 2018

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We are creating impact

IDPs Reached

We have reached and catered for over 2,570 IDPs and vulnerable children across the country

We Have Solid Support System

Volunteers On Board

We currently have 67 volunteers on-boarded and the number is growing by the day.

We Care About Good Food /Health

Meals Provided”

We have provided not less than 23,580 healthy meals and still counting.

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