Teacher, Education in Emergencies


In this position it is expected that you:

 Take precautions to protect your students, equipment, materials and facilities

 Keep accurate records and follow the policies and procedures as laid out by the governing body

 Collaborate with the administration to create and implement rules and policies regulating student conduct

 Form interpersonal relationships with your students and take an interest in the general well being

 Are caring, perceptive and proficient with organizing children


 Report to the Head Teacher/Head of the Transitional Learning Centre

 Establish a developmentally appropriate, positive, inclusive, and safe learning

environment that is conducive to learning

 Observe and evaluate students’ performance, behaviour, social development,

and physical health

 Occasionally meet with students and their parents/guardians to discuss

education-related issues, and attending staff meetings

 Communicating proficiently with students

 Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive


 Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback

 Plan and execute educational in-class and outdoor activities and events

 Implementing the FCT Universal Basic Education Board Curriculum

 Preparing notes and plans for assigned classes and providing lessons at

designated times

 Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects, and communicate those objectives to the students

 Assign and grade class work and homework

 Integrating suitable use of technology

 Determining and supporting standards of classroom behaviour and upholding

appropriate discipline policies

 Maintains order and discipline among students while promoting safety and

compliance with school rules and guidelines

 Planning and supervising assignments and activities for student teachers, teacher assistants and volunteers as required

 Advance positive interpersonal relationships with coworkers and students

 Attend occasional continuing education seminars


 Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria certificate of registration

 Proven experience teaching in a formal school environment

 Proficient knowledge of teaching strategies and methods

 Proficient knowledge of applicable laws, policies, and procedures

 Excellent people skills

 Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written

 Outstanding organizational skills

 Proficient computer skills

Key Competencies

 self-motivation

 high energy level

 verbal and written communication skills

 attention to detail

 high work standards

 problem solving

 decision making

 organizing and planning

 learning orientation

 critical thinking

 stress tolerance

 flexibility and adaptability

 taking initiative